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Watch the NYPD Pull Off a Tricky Helicopter Rescue of a Hiker

It was like straight out of a movie,” Amanda Graham told the Daily News. “As I was slipping I thought I was going to go all the way down, but I grabbed a rock. I was able to stabilize my fall and I didn’t fall too far down.” The Hudson River loomed 200 feet below.

This was a pretty difficult rescue,” one officer told the New York Post. “If you are going 1 to 10, I would say this was all the way a 10.” You’re welcome, New Jersey.

In case you were beginning to think all New York City cops do is get drunk and shoot at people, here’s some good PR, finally: New Jersey emergency crews were unable to help a 36-year-old hiker after she broke her ankle on Garden State Cliff during a Sunday hike, so they called in two NYPD choppers to handle the mission.

Watch the NYPD Pull Off a Helicopter Rescue