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NYPD Hero Tony Bees Is Ready for the Busy Season

Photo: Istockphoto

Detective Anthony Planakis, better known as the NYPD’s bee guy, Tony Bees, took on a Williamsburg swarm of 24,000 on Wednesday afternoon. “There were no broken branches, so I think they originally landed on the tree and started migrating down to the ground where the queen was, and they just clustered up over there,” Tony told DNAinfo of the scene at Montrose Avenue and Lorimer Street. Upon noting that some amateurs had placed an aluminum container over the bees, he added, “Swarms are relatively docile at first, but stuff like that will really tick them up.” Remember this stuff, people.

As he often does, Tony vacuumed up the bees, which will be transported to somewhere in Connecticut. But expect to hear from him again soon: “We had a bet and I said it would start up the week after Mother’s Day,” he explained. “I may be wrong, but in 38 years I’ve never been wrong.” We believe you, Tony Bees.