only in new york?

People Are Braving the East River to Touch a Broken Piano

Photo: laurenyap/Instagram

No one knows why, but for a few days now, there’s been a Mason & Hamlin piano just sitting under the Brooklyn Bridge. First reported by Gothamist, the waterlogged piano, which no longer works, has become a big thing on social media, because of course. It might as well be a Banksy. But even if it looks beautiful in black and white, the Instagram is just not worth it.

Seriously, that water is disgusting, and not quite warm yet. That did not stop a music-video shoot from taking place in the shallow end of the East River:

Nor those just curious:

Yep, it’s a real piano. Nope, doesn’t play.

At least wait for low tide:

People Braving East River to Touch Broken Piano