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Piers Morgan Is Sick and Tired of Larry King Bullying Him

Enough is enough, says the ex-CNN host to the ex-ex-CNN host. Piers Morgan, out of a job, wants Larry King to cease with the constant shade-throwing, which continued yesterday on The Howard Stern Show. “The best definition of mixed emotions: Your mother-in-law goes over the cliff in your new car,” said King of Morgan’s departure from his old gig amid low ratings. “The mix was I thought they made a mistake in the Piers hire. I thought it was a mistake, one, to hire a Britisher in prime time and, two, I thought that he made himself too much part of the show. Too much ‘I.’” Britisher? Oh no he didn’t.

King has made similar complaints going way back, arguing early last year, “The show is a lot about him as much as the guests. I used to make the guest the star of the show.” And when the news came out that Morgan was getting the boot, King noted, with faux diplomacy, “It’s very hard to step in — putting myself aside — into any shoes that have been there forever.”

But Morgan hasn’t exactly held his tongue in response:

Maybe Jeff Zucker should get these guys on Crossfire.

Piers Morgan Declares War on Larry King