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Clever Prankster Directs Commuters to Assville, New Jersey

People driving on State Route 49 over the weekend may have been surprised to learn that they were not headed toward Upper Township, but another, more charmingly named south New Jersey destination: A digital sign that was supposed to warn commuters of traffic changes was altered so that it read, “Assville Next Left.” (“That’s sinful. That’s not right,” observed someone who lives nearby.) The New Jersey Department of Transportation would not respond to questions about how the clever person responsible for the message managed to gain access to the sign’s control box, which NBC Philadelphia reports was unlocked and partially open as of Monday morning. Meanwhile, the police are not investigating the incident, leaving the culprit to enjoy this moment of glory undisturbed. “If somebody can break into it, and easily change the information on here, it could happen to any town,” observed Upper Township Mayor Rich Palombo. But only in Jersey would this particular piece of fake information seem plausible.

Pranksters Direct Commuters to Assville, N.J.