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David Schwimmer Helped Solve an East Village Crime

David Schwimmer arrives for the 'Trust' premiere
Photo: Francois Durand/Getty Images

At around 5:40 a.m. on Monday, 26-year-old a man and a 21-year-old prostitute he’d called to his East 6th Street apartment got into a argument when the customer refused to pay the younger man for his services. The situation eventually turned violent, with the two smashing through a glass door in the building’s lobby, and both ended up in the hospital with stab wounds. The New York Post reports that the NYPD was relying on “strictly on the accounts of the two men” to find out what happened — until David Schwimmer stepped in. The actor lives in next door to the building where the fight took place, and his surveillance camera captured the incident. Schwimmer reportedly “ushered police into his home to view the footage,” just as any good citizen would. Way to be helpful, Schwimmer.

Schwimmer Helped Solve an East Village Crime