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Senate Candidates Go Through Ugly Breakups, Too

Photo: Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate

Unfortunately for Monica Wehby, the Republican front-runner to challenge Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley in November, her first taste of national press comes via reports that she was once accused of “stalking” her ex. Last year, Wehby, a divorced pediatric neurosurgeon, kept showing up at the home of her former boyfriend uninvited, to the point that he got the police involved, Politico reports. Although she was not arrested, the report says Andrew Miller, her partner of two years, told the cops Wehby was “‘harassing’ his employees and ‘stalking’ him,” even entering his home through the unlocked back door. 

From the police report, which might make you die of vicarious embarrassment:

He told me that he intended to get a stalking order tomorrow against WEHBY. I asked MILLER what WEHBY had done specifically to make him desire to get a stalking order. He told me that WEHBY has showed up at his home uninvited about 5 times within the last 10 days.


“She told me that since Easter weekend something changed because now MILLER does not answer/ return her calls or talk to her at all. She told me that she just wanted to speak with MILLER to try to sort things out. WEHBY told me that she was close to MILLER up until this point. She told me that they even each have keys to each others homes.”

Miller never filed a restraining order and says now that he regrets calling the police. “There was a week there or so when we were breaking up that people can be emotional. And me included,” he told Politico, noting that the pair are now friends. “If I think back to that period of time, I regret saying those things in that light.” We can all probably relate to that.

The first time I ever learned of this report was this evening and there really isn’t much to it of consequence,” said Wehby in a statement. “A year ago I went through the process of concluding a relationship. That relationship ended amicably, and while I’m not pleased that it has been deemed newsworthy, I guess that is the cost of challenging the political status quo.” At least we know that, if elected, she’ll be dogged.

Senate Candidates Go Through Ugly Breakups, Too