Submit Questions for Science of Us’s New Love Advice Column

On Monday, will be launching Science of Us, its latest venture — a fun, fascinating look at human behavior, ranging from practical life tips to the latest research on subjects like religion, mental health, and genetics. In addition to all the other stuff we’ve got planned, we’re going to be running a love/sex/romance/attraction advice column, and we need your submissions.

Send in your quandaries to for a chance to get a response from Jennifer Jill Harman or Eli Finkel, two experienced relationship and attraction experts who will be switching off every week (here’s Harman on whether sleeping in separate beds is bad for couples, and here’s Finkel on whether modern marriages are asked to do too much).

They’re happy to answer all your trickiest questions about why your _____ won’t _____ your _____, which is totally making you _____. We won’t use your name, of course, but please include an email address where our experts can reach you if they have any follow-up queries. And throw in a pseudonym unless you want us to make an unclever one for you. We’re looking forward to answering your questions and unveiling the new site!

Submit Questions for Our New Love Advice Column