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Fisherman Catches (and Releases) Baby Great White Shark Near Rockaway Beach

Photo: Steve Fernandez

Today brings more terrifying shark news, in that all shark news is some degree of terrifying: DNAinfo reports that a group of friends managed to catch a baby great white while fishing off Rockaway Beach on Sunday. 29-year-old Steve Fernandez, the guy who actually reeled in the 80-pound shark, seems to have enjoyed the experience of having the shiny new killing machine “3 inches from [his] face.” “I love it — I’ll do that every single day,” he told the website. “I’ve caught bigger sharks, but that was the coolest.” After all, the little guy has a whole life of scaring the hell out of humans ahead of him.

Following National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration guidelines, Fernandez and his pals tagged the shark and released it back into the water, where its approximately 600-pound mother was waiting (to pounce on the kidnappers). Fernandez told the New York Post that this all went down disturbingly close to Queens’s Beach 116th Street. “We were close enough that we could still see the colors of the bathing suits of the people on the beach,” he said. Thanks for the information, dude.

Baby Great White Shark Caught Near Rockaway