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Good Day New York Anchor Refuses to Stop Ogling His Co-Worker On-Air

Good Morning New York anchor and son of former NYPD chief Ray Kelly, Greg, got pretty close to sexually harassing Fox 5 correspondent Anna Gilligan as she reported live from a New Jersey water park on Friday. During the segment, Gilligan wore a bikini so she could try out a zip line and then plunge into the pool below. “I don’t know which is scarier, the ride or taking off my clothes,” said Gilligan, who sounded a bit annoyed by the whole setup, before starting out. 

Back in the studio, Kelly made the opposite of an effort to make Gilligan feel more comfortable. “Wow, here she goes — in a two-piece!” he observed. Moments later, as his colleague emerged from the water, Kelly continued, “Look at her, it’s like something out of a movie … Indeed.” And, once Gilligan put her earpiece back in, Kelly opened with, “First of all, nice bathing suit,” causing his co-anchor, Rosanna Scotto, to warn him to “stay appropriate.” Instead, Kelly asked Gilligan, “Why are you so out of breath?” 

When Gilligan attempted to sign off so she could get dressed, Kelly shouted, “Hold on a second, not so fast Anna!” and proceeded to ask her a few pointless questions, including how long it would take her to “dry off.” “I just wanna talk to her for a little while,” he told Scotto as she scolded him to “be nice” and “stop milking this shot.” After Scotto finally let Gilligan off the air, she turned to ask Kelly, “What is wrong with you?” “Just relax,” he responded. “Don’t be so frowning at me.” It probably would have been easier for Scotto to muster up a smile had her bro-worker followed her instructions to stop being a creep.

In 2012, a woman accused Kelly of raping her when she was drunk, though the Manhattan D.A. ultimately decided not to press charges against him.

Greg Kelly Ogles Co-Worker On-Air