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Guy Who Dropped $135,000 at Strip Club Really Was Drugged; Strip Club Still Not Buying It

Photo: Getty Images

Of course a man caught spending six figures at Scores on a credit card he shares with his father would say he must have been drugged. And yet, according to police, New Jersey cardiologist Zyad Younan really was one of four men dosed and cleaned out by four since-arrested strippers who’d seen too many movie cons.

An unlikely story all around, and one the club is still not ready to accept, the New York Post reports: “In light of the allegations it’s surprising that they have not dismissed the claim,” said an attorney for Dr. Younan, whose spokesperson confirmed American Express had forgiven the insane charge. “He was at the club three times,” a lawyer for Scores in Manhattan countered. “He was drugged three times?” Fool him once, shame on the strippers. Twice? We all make mistakes. But going back for the $135,000 hat trick means they must’ve had something really strong.

Guy Who Spent $135K at Strip Club Was Drugged