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Wild Man With Assault Rifle Takes Over L.A. Roof After Car Chase

A 100-mph car chase in Los Angeles (not uncommon) turned into a terrifying standoff this afternoon when the suspect took off on foot with a huge gun, which he’d been waving out the car window, and proceeded to climb onto a small roof and stare menacingly at the news helicopters also in pursuit (much less common).

After pacing back and forth above the trees for a few minutes, his assault rifle in plain view, the suspect jumped down, darted through the neighborhood, and is thought to have barricaded himself in someone’s home. The face-off with police is ongoing, and live video coverage can be seen here.

According to the local NBC affiliate, the man “is wanted in connection with a criminal threats report,” although pointing a rifle at the LAPD has definitely made any potential charges far more serious. 

Guy With Assault Rifle Posts Up on L.A. Roof