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Handcuffed Man Somehow Steals Cop Car, Escapes NYPD

Photo: NYPD

A 38-year-old suspected drug dealer was arrested this morning in Queens only to pull off an unbelievable getaway, moving from being handcuffed in the backseat of a police cruiser to driving off in it (with another suspect in tow). Bryan McMenamin managed to speed away when the officers left the two prisoners alone in the car, hitting and dragging one of the detectives and getting away from the other, who pursued McMenamin in a scared citizen’s commandeered vehicle. The crafty suspect then ditched the cop car (and his fellow arrestee) in a post-office parking lot. Now there’s a manhunt under way, but the NYPD is obviously not accounting for this guy’s evil powers.

Handcuffed Man Steals Cop Car, Escapes NYPD