New York Competition No. 23: Add a Letter, Spoil a Snack

Welcome back to the New York Magazine Competition. On alternate Mondays, we lay out a challenge and offer a sample responses. Enter in the comments section, or on Twitter with the hashtag we’ve provided, and the editors will select a winner. Criteria are highly subjective, but heavily retweeted and favorited posts will have an advantage. The prize is a year’s subscription to New York in print or a two-year subscription to the iPad edition (winner’s choice). Full rules are here.

COMPETITION NO. 23: Add a Letter, Spoil a Snack. Please offer a treat turned un-tasty by the addition of a single letter. For example:





Enter on Twitter with the hashtag #AddaLetterSpoilaSnack, or in the comments thread below, by June 11.

RESULTS OF COMPETITION NO. 22: WHEN PEOPLE GET VERBED, in which you were asked to coin a verb based on the name of a well-known figure. 


franco: to attempt to be everywhere but end up nowhere.  —@WhatQQsays

tyrion: to liberate suppressed emotions and confront obnoxious family members of greater stature. —Hollygreen

farrow: to reopen old wounds. —BENLINUS99 

zuckerberg: to find that a new Facebook feature has made your business obsolete. —@prnaylor 

limbaugh: to dance under regressively lower levels of shame. —@JackFlack22  

trump: to rank above the other suits. —@DannyGroner 

shortz: to entertain thousands of people in bed on Sundays.  —jhartarl

jamesdolan: to continually make a bad situation worse. —Periclescrystal 

kramer: to neologize verbs from other parts of speech (e.g., “Toss me an apron, let’s bagel!”).  —@DanielGalef

apollonia: to be tricked into jumping into a lake that is not the lake you were led to believe it is.  —MiddleCoastDan 

rove: to debase oneself while targeting another.  —Hey_Joe 

stiviano: to bite the hand that feeds you. —KimBarget 

mika: to report news, disapprovingly.  —brooklyner54321

theron: to create confusion over your choice of a romantic partner. —rmtmiller

abramson: to not go quietly. —MC5 

koch: to pick up the check at a tea party.  —fcabarbie

boehner: to attempt to appear rational by surrounding oneself with crazy people.  —RegisMayhem


clarence: to use silence, usually unsuccessfully, as a way of displaying one’s gravitas and concealing one’s shortcomings.  —@CBTamarin

New York Competition No. 23