New York Is About to Legalize Medical Marijuana (But With No Smoking Allowed)

Photo: Shutterstock

A (still-tentative) last-minute deal has been reached to launch a medical marijuana pilot program across New York state, the New York Times and Daily News report. But to please a skeptical Governor Andrew Cuomo, the bill, which will require a vote before the legislative session ends this week, includes compromises such as a no-smoking provision. Patients will instead have options like edibles (Maureen Dowd will be required reading), tincture, and e-cig-like vaporizers.

The trial period is reportedly seven years, with potential for renewal, up from the five Cuomo had said he was comfortable with. “I’m not going to be part of a system that’s just going to wreak havoc,” he explained earlier this week, adding that he was wary of loopholes “that you can drive a truck through.”

If ultimately agreed upon by lawmakers, the state would have 18 months to institute a system.

New York Is About to Legalize Medical Marijuana