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New York Lawmakers to Debate Official State Amphibian Now

Now that the battle for New York’s official snack has been won by the dairy powerhouse that is yogurt, state lawmakers face another pressing concern. Namely, what will New York’s official amphibian be? The New York Times reports that though main contender, the wood frog (or Lithobates sylvaticus), is considered the Empire State’s unofficial amphibian, the casual title wasn’t enough to satisfy the fourth-graders from Skaneateles, New York’s State Street Intermediate School, who contacted the legislature to request a real decision.

In the kids’ defense (and that of State Senator John DeFrancisco, who introduced the legislation), the beaver, bluebird, snapping turtle, brook trout, striped bass, and ladybug have all already been deemed official New York fauna. Why shouldn’t the humble wood frog be given his due? After all, as DeFrancisco’s co-sponsor, Assemblyman Gary D. Finch, has pointed out, “They can tolerate cold and reanimate themselves in the spring,” which is an admirable quality. No other amphibians have been put forth for consideration so, assuming that the issue can be squeezed onto the agenda before the end of the legislative session, it looks like the little guy is a shoo-in.

New York Officials to Debate State Amphibian