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Yet Another New York Lawmaker to Be Charged With Corruption

Photo: Gabriela Rosa/Facebook

New York State Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa is about to put an end to New York’s seven-week-long no-elected-officials-accused-of-wrongdoing streak. (The last time it happened was May 7, when a New York City councilman was arrested for misusing nonprofit funds.) The New York Daily News reports that Rosa, a Democrat who was elected two years ago to represent a district that includes Washington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill, is expected to plead guilty to marriage fraud. Born in the Dominican Republic, she allegedly married her husband in 1996 in an effort to become a U.S. citizen. (How prosecutors intend to prove that the marriage was a sham is unclear.) According to court papers, she’ll also be charged with lying on a 2009 bankruptcy filing by underreporting her husband’s income. She faces 12 to 18 months in prison and, if she does plead guilty to a felony, the loss of her seat in Albany.

N.Y. Assemblywoman to Be Charged With Corruption