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Cops Arrest Dozens in Pre–Fourth of July Crackdown on Fireworks, Fun

Fireworks are the new drugs. Photo: NYPD

New York, the NYPD would like you to know, has had a ban on fireworks since 1940, one of just four states in the country to outlaw personal use entirely. And for those hoping to celebrate America by blowing things up next weekend, the department also wants you to know that they’re coming for you. 

In a dramatic note today on its Facebook page, the NYPD celebrated the successes of its Organized Crime Control Bureau, which is targeting buyers and sellers of fireworks both on the black market and out of state.

Anyone caught using, transporting or selling illegal fireworks anywhere in New York City can be arrested, and their cars confiscated,” said Commissioner William Bratton. “This type of activity is not only illegal, but is extremely dangerous. Each year these endeavors regrettably result in property damage, injuries and even death.” Like drugs, basically.

So far this month, they’ve already followed some guys back from a store in Pennsylvania and raided a house in Queens holding $3,000 worth of recreational explosives:

Recovered inside the home were 16 boxes of “Flaming Balls,” two boxes of “Artillery Shells,” two 196-shot “Fire Candles,” nine boxes of “Battery Shots,” 11 packets of six “Roman Candles,” four packets of “Bottle Rockets,” three packets of “Firecrackers,” two “Grenade Crackers,” and other assorted fireworks.

Confiscated fireworks,” the department assures, “are destroyed in controlled burns at the NYPD’s Outdoor Range in Rodman’s Neck, Bronx.” Although they might as well sell tickets and make it a show.

NYPD Cracking Down on Fireworks, Fun