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NYU Students Are Mocking Goldman Sachs Interns on Yik Yak

I’m too old to understand Yik Yak, the anonymous sharing app that is taking over (and ruining) high school and college campuses. But students at NYU seem to have found a novel use for it: making fun of fellow students who are interning at Goldman Sachs this summer.

In the past few days, Yik Yak posts on the NYU network have included lots of “GS intern” jokes. Internships at Goldman are notoriously hard to get — only 2 percent of applicants are accepted — but you wouldn’t know that from the anonymous humorists of NYU, who have turned Goldman intern mockery into a meme.

What’s mockable about Goldman interns, you ask? Maybe their fashion sense.

Or their habits.

Or maybe their social graces.

Or their leisure activities.

Or their dating techniques.

I don’t really get this one.

Or this one.

Clearly, something about this year’s Goldman interns is rubbing their classmates the wrong way. Just a guess: maybe it’s that $15,000 paycheck?

A Goldman spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

NYU Students Are Mocking Goldman Sachs Interns