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Obama Leans Over Chipotle Sneeze Guard, Infuriates Nation

Photo: @petesouza/Twitter

President Obama went to Chipotle for lunch today, which initially seemed notable only because he called it “Chipotle’s” and managed to leave the White House without declaring, “The bear is loose!” Then on Monday night, Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza tweeted out a deeply disturbing image. It seems that Obama thinks he has the right to blatantly disregard Chipotle’s sanitation rules, just because he’s commander-in-chief (or maybe because he’s 6’1”). Twitter users were quick to let him know that this sort of behavior will not stand.

One patriot actually complained to Chipotle. It doesn’t sound like they’re taking the issue very seriously.

Obama is just lucky this didn’t happen in 2012. Here’s Mitt Romney, ordering a burrito bowl like a perfect gentleman:

Obama Leans Over Chipotle Sneeze Guard