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This Proudly Racist Woman Can’t Stop Screaming the N-Word at a Man Who Dared to Start His Car in Front of Her Kids

On Friday in Cheektowaga, New York, a white woman involved in a parking lot dispute with a black man made Donald Sterling look downright cuddly. After claiming the guy startled her children when he started his vehicle, the human disgrace since identified as Janelle Ambrosia resorted to the racial slurs while her victim calmly turned on his video camera. What happens next will destroy your faith in white people.

Racism is alive and well,” he narrates, as she calls him a “nasty fucking nigger” while her children frolic in the background. “He’s a racist, ignorant nigger,” she tells her husband on the phone, promising he will show up soon to “fucking kill” the placid target of her disgusting rage. “He’s a racist fucking nigger.”

Call the police, she dares him. “How many cops have I stripped for?”

Ambrosia also has a Twitter account and some more opinions:

Racist Woman Screams N-Word in Front of Her Kids