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Rob Ford Literally Locked Out of Mayor’s Office, Requests Lock Change So He Can Get Back to Work

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford reacts to a video released of him by local media at City Hall in Toronto, November 7, 2013. Ford admitted on Tuesday he has smoked crack cocaine, probably
Photo: MARK BLINCH/Corbis

When we last checked in with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, he was still smoking crack, still acting drunk and foolish on-camera, still hanging out with troublemakers, and still causing problems for himself (while in rehab). He’s now decided City Hall needs his presence.

Photo: Toronto Star

Ford sent the city a letter earlier this month informing them he would be back in the office June 30, the Toronto Star reports, but not until “the latter portion of the afternoon,” at which point he plans to “resume [his] duties as Mayor of Toronto.” And the city rejoiced.

Before he can get down to business, though, Ford requested someone “make the necessary arrangements for my office locks to be restored to their state priot to my departure.” Yes, that is his signature.

Ford will then have some catching up to do — he’s been gone more than a month — and faces an election on October 27. Ford more years.

Rob Ford Literally Locked Out of Mayor’s Office