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These Very Angry People Think They’re Tweeting at the Supreme Court. They’re Not.

It turns out SCOTUSblog is not run by Scalia.

Certain Twitter users outraged by this morning’s controversial ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby and its anti-contraception religious beliefs did the most cursory of Googling to find a target for their personal opinions and found @SCOTUSblog, which is actually an independent, invaluable resource for news about the Supreme Court. Not a blog run by the Supreme Court justices, who probably don’t even know what a blog (or Twitter) is.

Instead of ignoring the sloppy armchair critics, SCOTUSblog has opted for public ridicule:

And yet some people still don’t get it:

So they’re getting more creative, and snarky, as they go:

@Suarez knows the feeling:

SCOTUSblog Trolls Angry Supreme Court Tweeters