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Congressman Responds to 9/11 Truther by Musing About JFK Conspiracy

Representative Pete Sessions, a Republican from Texas, did a nice thing in December, stopping by an AP government class in his district to take questions from students. Now video of the Q&A has been posted online, and Sessions is getting flak for being a little too honest with the youth of America. When a student asked Sessions, “Do you think that the government has withheld important information regarding 9/11 because it does not agree with the official narrative given in 2001?” he decided the best way to get out of the sticky situation was to mention that we don’t really know who killed JFK. “Do you think that Oswald was the only person to shoot Jack Kennedy our president? I don’t know. You know, if they go down there and recreate it, it’s really hard for a guy with that rifle to pop-pop-pop,” Sessions said, making gun motions with his hands. “When my dad was the FBI director the number one question was ‘Who really killed Kennedy?’ I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Eventually, Sessions circled around to an uncontroversial point about 9/11, saying that America was attacked by a bunch of “thugs,” and “we were innocent people who never thought this would happen.”

A Sessions spokesman offered BuzzFeed this statement, which clarifies that while the congressman does not necessarily accept the findings of the Warren Commission, he feels he knows “precisely” what happened on 9/11:

Congressman Sessions was responding to a question that, remarkably and despite all evidence to the contrary, still pops up from time to time about what actually happened on 9/11. Unfortunately, innocent people never could have imagined such a horrific attack prior to its occurrence and because of that some people still might not believe what actually happened. The Congressman’s response to that disbelief is clear. We know precisely what happened on September 11, 2001. Terrorists from al-Qaeda hijacked four planes, one of which was flown into the Pentagon here in Washington and another which was taken down by American heroes in Pennsylvania so that the terrorists could not kill more innocent people wherever the terrorists had intended to fly that plane.

Congressman to 9/11 Truther: Who Killed JFK?