Sleepy Grandfather Arrested After Losing Kid on the F Train

Commuters ride the F train
Photo: Allison Joyce/Getty Images

On Friday, the NYPD spent several hours searching for a Newark 3-year-old named Kah-yon Reynolds after his grandfather, 63-year-old Wiley Reynolds, lost track of the child. CBS 2 reports that the grandfather, grandson, and another man boarded a northbound F train at Smith-9th Street in Gowanus, but Wiley fell asleep during the trip. For some reason, the friend decided to take Kah-yon and continue on to New Jersey, while Wiley was left to wake up alone and worried at Queens’s BriarwoodVan Wyck Boulevard subway station

Wiley reported Kah-yon missing a few  hours later. According to the police, Wiley frequently travels from Brooklyn to visit his grandson in Newark, where they usually play at a park. But this time, he brought Kah-yon to his New York methadone clinic, along with the friend. The NYPD contacted the clinic and got the man’s phone number, which is how they found out that the boy was safe and on a PATH train headed for home. Kah-yon was picked up in good health, while Wiley is being charged with failing to exercise control of a minor. Getting treatment for addiction is obviously the responsible thing for a grandfather to do, though it might not always mix well with babysitting duty. 

Sleepy Grandfather Arrested After Losing Kid