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Smiley Joe Biden Congratulates U.S. World Cup Team With Bidenisms

The vice president stormed into the U.S. locker room after last night’s glorious win against Ghana and right away everyone was overdosing on good vibes.

To coach Jurgen Klinsmann: “He looked happier in that first goal — you can see it on the monitor — than the night I won the election.” (Note to future historians: Joe Biden won the election.)

Are you kidding me? This is a kick, man.” Soccer!

To DaMarcus Beasley, with whom he apparently had some kind of long-standing bet: “I owe the drinks!”

To goalie Tim Howard: “Hey, Timmy! You played one hell of a game.”

Things are great. Things are great. Better today.”

Back to Beasley: “Hey, man, anytime you want to collect. I owe ya.”

To anyone and everyone: “Hahahahaha [smiles with teeth.]”

Now how about a hug for Uncle Joe?

Photo: Alex Livesey - FIFA/Getty Images
Smiley Joe Biden Congratulates U.S. Soccer Team