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Summer 2014 Claims Its First Intern

Summer internships can be hard on young people, who are expected to sort of look like they know what they’re doing while surrounded by weird adults and battling oppressive heat, hang-overs, unseasonal colds, run-of-the-mill anxiety, hunger, and the effects of standing too long with locked knees. Sometimes — as one female White House communications intern learned in the hardest possible way — a combination of those factors can cause an otherwise competent and together person to faint. It happens!

According to the pool report, Press Secretary John Earnest and his deputy, Eric Schultz, quickly brought some water to the (unnamed) girl who passed out during Tuesday’s White House press briefing. Another aide handed her a box of M&Ms. Today happens to have been her first day on the job, so hopefully she can find some comfort in the belief that things can only get better from here.

This is the full video. Be nice.