Terry Bradshaw Doesn’t Trust Hillary Clinton Because of Whatsherface With the Whatchamacallit … Benghazi!

Fox News’s woman-centric daytime program Outnumbered, a.k.a. Out# because hashtags, features four female hosts and #oneluckyguy (hashtags!) who rotates in daily to discuss the issues of the moment. Because this is Fox News, the issue is always Benghazi, and the lucky guy today was Terry Bradshaw. He was a natural.

Do I trust her?” said the former NFL player and current Fox analyst when asked about Hillary Clinton. Deep sigh. “Um, not really. Don’t particularly like her. Never have. Um. I find that …  ” Benghazi. Benghazi! Say Benghazi.

I always say this: If you tell the truth you don’t have to worry about covering up with some other story. The truth sets you free,” Bradshaw continued, fiddling with his earpiece as if to signal to producers that he needed what he may know as an audible. His faces alone are Emmy worthy.

You know, if you’re running for, uh … If she’s gonna decide to run for president, she’s gonna have to answer to the Benghazi deal.” Bingo. “When that … When the lady came out and said that, uh, triggered all of this.” (Susan Rice.) “What was it, uh? The … music? What was it? Right, the video! Did anybody buy that?” For conservatives, it was perfectly on script. Someone get this man a contributor contract. Touchdown.

Terry Bradshaw Embarrasses Himself on Fox News