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New Jersey Pals Divided on Whether to Encourage Great White Shark to Eat Their Boat

A group of friends were fishing off Cape May, New Jersey, this weekend when a Great White Shark started circling their 35-foot boat, eventually lunging forward to rip a basket of fish right off the side. Rather than lose their minds with horror at the sight of a chomping, many-toothed sea creature — which, at 16 feet long, was nearly half the size of their ride — some of the humans leaned over the water for a better look.

Come back,” sighed Steven Clark, the foolhardy dude who shot the video below. “Steven, don’t, don’t, don’t — what are you doing?” asked one of his pals, who has probably seen Jaws at least once. “He’s coming back, coming straight up!” Steven shouted as the shark did, in fact, return in search of something else — like, say, a hand gripping a smartphone — to chew on. Again, the guy we’d want on our boat chimed in: “Get back, get back! You guys are nuts.”

Video: Jersey Pals Encourage Shark to Approach