Woman Claims That JetBlue Flight Attendant Forced 3-Year-Old to Pee in Seat

Little kids and airplanes are already often a bad mix — throw some urine in there, and you’ve got the nightmare that came true for one mother last Monday. Jennifer Deveraux told CBS Boston that she and her two daughters boarded a Boston-bound JetBlue plane at JFK Airport, only to find that the flight was delayed. After about a half hour of sitting on the tarmac, Deveraux’s 3-year-old, Summers, started crying about how she needed to go to the bathroom. But, according to Deveraux, a flight attendant yelled at her and Summers when they tried to get up.

As most people could have predicted, Summers ended up peeing in her seat. But even that didn’t convince the flight attendant to back down: Deveraux claims that the woman yelled at her again when she attempted to do something about the mess. “And I said, ‘Please give me a break. My daughter had an accident because you wouldn’t let me take her to the bathroom. After I clean it up I will sit down.’ She turned around and reported it to the pilot,” Deveraux explained. Things went from awful to hellish when the pilot announced that he was bringing the plane back to the gate so that a “non-compliant passenger” could be delivered to security. An off-duty pilot seated nearby then stepped in and convinced the crew to let her stay, which probably felt like a mixed blessing at that point, what with the pee puddle and all.

After her ordeal was over, Deveraux complained to JetBlue. She says that the airline offered her a $50 gift certificate, which doesn’t seem like enough, especially to anyone who saw the look on Summers’s face when she told CBS, “The girl didn’t let me go potty.” Meanwhile, JetBlue says that it is now investigating the incident. There’s also this: 

Being able to get that kind of response on Twitter is just one of the many joys of modern air travel.

Woman Says Flight Attendant Wouldn’t Let Kid Pee