Annie Lowrey on Chris Hayes: Red States Could Lose Obamacare Benefits But Keep Paying for Them

This week a federal appeals court ruled that consumers are not be eligible for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act if they purchased insurance on the federally run exchange. On Thursday night, New York’s Annie Lowrey appeared on All In With Chris Hayes to discuss the decision, and why it may hurt people in poorer states if it’s upheld by the Supreme Court. States that opted out of the Medicaid expansion “are not getting the full benefits of the law, but they’re still paying for it,” Lowrey notes. Similarly, if people lose health insurance subsidies in the 36 states using the federal exchange, “you’d have a system where in states like New York and California that set up their own exchanges and accepted the Medicaid expansion, they’re really benefiting,” Lowrey says. “They could end up being pretty significantly subsidized by the poor red states where most of the residents who this law was intended to benefit are living.”

Lowrey: States May Lose ACA Perks, Keep Paying