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Blond Surfer-Looking Dude Sucker Punches Pedestrian, Runs Away As Fast As He Can

New York City pedestrian etiquette allows for the passage of slow walkers by pretty much any means necessary. Taking to the street for a few hurried steps and turning sideways to slither between a couple of moseyers are two common techniques. But what to do when the slow-moving sidewalk hog is a 12-pound dog? If you’re the unidentified bro in the video below, you step over the dog and continue on your way. The risk in that approach, though, is a confrontation that will land you in the New York Post and your victim in critical condition.

That’s pretty much how it happened yesterday near the intersection of 55th Street and Ninth Avenue. Guy steps over dog, dog owner’s friend takes exception, camera turns on, and sucker punch is thrown. Before the victim’s head had time to snap back and smash into the pavement, the assailant was gone.

Police are now looking for the sucker puncher and say he’s in his 30s, about five-foot-ten, 170 pounds, and probably able to quote Point Break in its entirety.

Blond Dude Sucker Punches Pedestrian, Runs Away