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Expensive Financial Data Machine Can Also Be Used to Purchase Even More Expensive Things

Photo: Buzzfeed

In the market for a $20.4 million estate in Mallorca? A $40,000 dressage horse? If so, there’s a not-bad chance that your job requires use of a Bloomberg Terminal, which means you’re probably aware that those things can be purchased on POSH. For everyone else: BuzzFeed notes that POSH — a Craigslist-like service that only exists on the $24,000-a-year financial data machines — exists. 

In addition to the aforementioned items, POSH currently has listings for a 15th-century castle in Italy, a cool-looking Jeep that once belonged to President Eisenhower, a pair of “seriously sexy knee-high Christian Louboutin python-skin boots” that someone’s wife bought even though they were four sizes too big, and a lot of other stuff most people will never know about — either because they are independently wealthy and have no need to work on a Bloomberg Terminal, or for some other reason.

Bloomberg Terminals Have Own Listing Service