Full-Grown Adult Senator Determined to Take a Selfie With Every Single One of His Peers

Photo: Cory Booker/Instragram

Noted social media enthusiast Cory Booker, a full-grown adult, is reportedly determined to take a selfie with all 99 of his fellow senators before Congress lets out for August. He is, of course, posting the resulting photos on Instagram. So far, the New Jersey Democrat has snapped #senateselfies (hashtag not his, somehow) with the following lawmakers: Maine’s Angus King, Nevada’s Dean Heller, Arkansas’s John Boozman, Oklahoma’s Jim Inhofe, Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, Illionis’s Dick Durbin, South Dakota’s John Thune, Wyoming’s Mike Enzi, and Twitter buddy Rand Paul.

Like a middle school student forced into one of those bonding exercises where everyone has to write something nice about each kid in their class, Booker has been captioning the images with praise for the peers featured in them. (Thune’s “work ethic in the Senate gym shames and inspires [Booker] to get in better shape,” just FYI.) Will Booker’s campaign ease the Senate’s partisan tensions, or cause the government to grind to a halt if and when 8o-year-old Republican Chuck Grassley, a hardcore Twitter loyalist, refuses to participate? We have only several slow news weeks to find out.

Booker Trying to Take a Selfie With Each Senator