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‘Cannibal Cop’ Out of Jail, Looking Forward to a Home-Cooked Meal

Photo: facebook

Gilberto Valle, better known as the Cannibal Cop, is not quite free yet, but he is out of prison for the first time in nearly two years. Valle was released today on $100,000 bond and will remain on house arrest at his mom’s place pending a government appeal after a judge overturned his kidnapping conspiracy conviction last night, calling Valle’s dirty cannibal chats merely “fantasy role-play.” Outside the courtroom this afternoon, the former NYPD officer apologized “to anyone who was hurt, shocked or offended by my infantile actions.” His lawyer, who couldn’t help but mention food, added that Valle’s mother “is very anxious to cook a meal for him, to sit at the table with him, to hug him.” Valle, his mom says, has gotten pretty good in the kitchen, too. Although they should probably stick to vegetables, at least until the tabloids lose interest.

Cannibal Cop Looking Forward to Home-Cooked Meal