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Chelsea Clinton Takes After Her Parents, Gets Paid Crazy Amounts of Money for Speeches

Chelsea Clinton speaks at the opening plenary session for the
Photo: David Tulis/AP/Corbis

Decades of questions about whether Chelsea Clinton will follow in her parents’ footsteps have finally been answered: Yes, she will give speeches for exorbitant fees. But unlike Mama and Papa Clinton, whose speaking fees are often in the high six figures, Chelsea’s top out at $75,000, according to the New York Times. And that’s when she’s getting paid. Her spokesman told the Times “the majority of Chelsea’s speeches are unpaid.”

Paid or not, Chelsea is certainly delivering a lot of talks lately as she helps her parents build up the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, which receives 100 percent of her speaking fees. (Chelsea also had her sweet gig with NBC, for which she was paid $600,000 to do very little.)

Her speeches often focus on issues such as women’s rights and the battle to eradicate waterborne disease. It’s during those latter speeches she’s known to deliver one of her favorite lines: “I’m obsessed with diarrhea.”

Chelsea Clinton Gets Paid a Lot to Speak, Too