Representative Michael Grimm Seeks Staffer Willing to ‘Live on the Edge’

If you thrive in a high-pressure environment and have experience working on Capitol Hill, in New York, or in some office in another city, Representative Michael Grimm might have the job for you! Blaire Bartlett, deputy chief of staff for the Staten Island Republican facing a 20-count federal indictment, sent an email to D.C. associates on Wednesday asking for help finding a health and education legislative assistant. “As you can imagine it hasn’t been easy to find a qualified candidate who wants to live on the edge and take a chance working for Rep. Grimm,” she wrote, according to Politico. “Ideally this person would have legislative experience. Hill experience would be great and NYC experience would be amazing, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?” We’re guessing Bartlett did not think her email would wind up in Politico, but when you’re working for a guy who threatened to toss a reporter “off [a] fucking balcony,” you should probably eliminate the term “on the edge” from your vocabulary.

Grimm Seeks Staff Willing to ‘Live on the Edge’