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Laurie Anderson Briefly Trapped in a Hyperbaric Chamber

Earlier this week, the New York Post reported that an unnamed 60-something-year-old woman had become trapped in a hyperbaric chamber at Pure Flow, a fancy spa in Chelsea. Upon discovering that the zipper of the coffin-sized, oxygen-filled tube was stuck, she (understandably) panicked and became short of breath (or, possibly, it was the other way around). When spa employees did not respond to her cries for help, she texted a friend, who then called 911. But by the time rescuers arrived, the woman had already managed to free herself and was standing outside the supposedly relaxing device unharmed. On Saturday, the  New York Daily News published a follow-up revealing that the hyperbaric chamber’s victim was renowned artist and musician — and, yes, the widow of Lou Reed — Laurie Anderson. 

She is shaken up, but she’s okay,” someone identified as “a neighbor” told the Daily News. The owner of Pure Flow claims that the incident was some kind of misunderstanding. “There was a miscommunication on the timing,” said Andrew Barile, who denied that his machine —  which is supposed to increase circulation and eliminate toxins — had somehow malfunctioned. Meanwhile, a “certified hyperbaric tech” told the Daily News that Anderson “should never have been left alone” while receiving the oxygen treatment. Unsurprisingly, Anderson has yet to comment on the situation, but we sincerely hope that she is now feeling as calm as she looks in this amazing video of her performing “O Superman” in 1983: 

Laurie Anderson Got Stuck in Hyperbaric Chamber