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Man Stopped for Driving the Wrong Way Also Had Assault Rifles, Scary Note

Photo: NYPD

An out-of-work civil engineer from Pennsylvania was arrested early this morning on Seventh Avenue in the West Village with knives, assault rifles, loads of ammunition, and a terrifying note in his rented car. Police first saw 46-year-old Victor Greer driving the wrong way on Seventh Avenue at 1:30 a.m. After pulling him over, they saw two knives in the car, and a subsequent search turned up two rifles, a 9-millimeter handgun, a shotgun, and a bottle rocket. Scarier than the weapons, though, is the note suggesting what Greer might have done with them. “I want to die in combat,the note reportedly said, and want to go to heaven and meet god.”

Man Arrested With Assault Rifles, Scary Note