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Colbert Gives de Blasio a Break After ‘Bullying’ Him on Twitter

It might have been a bad idea to ask Stephen Colbert to interview the mayor just minutes after Marvel made a big announcement on the geeky host’s show Wednesday night. While Colbert called Mayor Bill de Blasio a socialist and accused him of trying “to bring us back to the ’80s — the bad days of the squeegee men and the rampant crime and leg warmers,” the interview didn’t rise to the level of the mayor’s pizza-eating lesson on The Daily Show. De Blasio only came close to being “nailed” when he was asked about the looming LIRR strike. “The Long Island Rail Road is under the jurisdiction of Governor Cuomo,” de Blasio said. “He’s working very hard to come to a resolution.” Colbert summed up his position as “Not my problem!” adding, “Bring me the bowl that Pontius Pilate may wash his hands!”

Colbert booking the mayor on Twitter turned out to be one of the more amusing aspects of the interview, but he suggested in his opening segment that he didn’t actually “bully” the mayor into appearing on his show. “I booked the mayor on Twitter!” Colbert declared. “It’s my biggest coup since landing Joe Biden on Tinder.” He promised that de Blasio would be on “later” and Biden would be on “even later,” but for better or worse, that web extra hasn’t surfaced.

After ‘Bullying,’ Colbert Goes Easy on de Blasio