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Mother Arrested for Leaving Baby in Subway Station

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Frankea Dabbs — the woman who intentionally left a stroller containing her 7-month-daughter on a platform at Columbus Circle yesterday — has been charged with abandoning a child (a felony) and committing actions injurious to a child. Dabbs reportedly told the police that she felt unable to care for the baby, and family members say that the 20-year-old has been through a lot recently. A few months ago, she witnessed the murder of her boyfriend during a robbery, and her stepfather kicked her out of his North Carolina home for “[insisting] on turning off the lights and living in the dark.” (She’s also been arrested twice for prostitution.) “It’s not like she just abandoned the baby,” an aunt told the Daily News. “I think [she] is looking for help.”

Mother Arrested for Leaving Baby in Station