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Park Slope Neighbors Find the de Blasios’ Sidewalk Junk Disappointing

Gracie Mansion in New York City
Photo: Marc Andrew Deley/FilmMagic

As the de Blasios prepare for their move into Gracie Mansion, they’ve been dumping unwanted items in a “free” pile outside their Brooklyn home, but their neighbors tell the New York Post that the items are only being picked up because they belong to the mayor. So far, New Yorkers have added old wine glasses, SAT prep books, cracked plates, and stained dresses to their collections of mayoral memorabilia. “I mean, there was nothing good,” reports Susan LaRosa, who still snatched a baking pan from the pile last weekend. She said of her own free pile, “I thought my stuff was far superior.” However, she regrets not grabbing the Reefer Madness poster left on the sidewalk, and we regret that the de Blasios aren’t hanging it in their new home.

Neighbors Find de Blasios’ Junk Disappointing