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The New Yorker Is Opening Its Archives, Then Putting Up a New Paywall

If you’re passionate about long-form journalism, but not enough to buy a New Yorker subscription, you should clear your calendar for the next three months. The New York Times reports that beginning July 21, all new and archived New Yorker content will be free online as the magazine overhauls its website and rethinks its web strategy. After three months of offering unfettered access, the magazine will put up a “metered paywall,” using the data it will have collected to work out details like how many articles should be free each month, and how much it should charge for online subscriptions. The New Yorker said that 2013 was its most profitable year in decades, but it’s still hoping to lure new readers and make the site easier to navigate for mobile users. “What this is all about, quite frankly,” said editor David Remnick, “is that the editorial intention of the magazine is not going to change. If anything, it will get more ambitious and deeper.”

New Yorker to Open Archives, Then Put Up Paywall