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New Yorkers Are Fed Up With the Ice Cream Truck’s Joyous Jingle

An old fashioned neighborhood ice cream truck is parked in Williamsburg
Photo: George Rose/Getty Images

It’s true that “we all scream for ice cream,” but the old saying fails to note that some people are yelling because they’re annoyed by the sound of others enjoying their childhood. The New York Post reports that in the past four years, New Yorkers have filed 7,031 complaints about the music played by ice cream trucks. Residents of one Bronx apartment complex filed 132 complaints, the most of any location in the city, alleging that truck’s jingle is too loud, and is played too late at night. “That thing comes around 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m. and I’m like, are you kidding me?” said Cheryl Fergus, 56. “I’m trying to get my grandkids ready for bed and that ice cream truck comes around. All I hear is, ‘Grandma, grandma, we want ice cream!’” Surely if the ice cream man scourge were eliminated, kids in that building would never whine at bedtime.

New Yorkers Loathe Joyous Ice Cream Truck Jingle