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Pregnant Woman Receives What Appears to Be the Latest NYPD Chokehold While Grilling on the Sidewalk

Photo: People Organizing and Working for Empowerment and Respect

Two banned chokeholds, one tragic death, and one head-stomp later, the recent string of questionable NYPD conduct caught on-camera continues. Photos released today by the advocacy group People Organizing and Working for Empowerment and Respect seem to show a police officer administering a chokehold — a move prohibited by the department for two decades — on 27-year-old Rosan Miller, a woman seven months pregnant, in front of her young daughter.

The Daily News reports that the incident, which occurred on Saturday, began because Miller and her family were barbecuing on the sidewalk.

“Grilling. Barbeque. In front of her home,” said former city councilman Charles Barron at a news conference today. “Not committing any crimes.” Miller was charged with disorderly conduct, while her brother and husband were accused of resisting arrest and obstruction.

I was so shocked,” said Miller. “I was asking, What’s the problem, and he didn’t explain.” Barron added, of the officer involved, “We want him out of our community. This is not the first time he has harassed us.”

While Miller appears to have something in her hand during the struggle, the full circumstances surrounding the arrest are not yet known as no video has been released. But following the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, this does not look good.

Photos Show NYPD Chokehold on Pregnant Woman