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NYPD Officer in a Coma After Getting Punched in the Head

137910247SP009_NYPD_POLICE_ Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

At around 6:30 on Saturday night, the 29-year-old detective was off duty and standing with a friend (the Post says a cousin) on a platform at the 6 station on 23rd Street station when he got into an argument with a man nearby. According to the Post, the man became angry when the cop’s companion began “bothering” a panhandler and eventually punched the cop in the head before running away with two female friends. The victim is now in a medically induced coma at Bellevue, while the suspect — described as a  5’10”, 200-pound black man in his early 40s — is still at large. 

NYPD Officer in Coma After Punch to the Head