Obama Motorcade Strands Pregnant Woman Across the Street From Hospital

A Los Angeles woman who was trying to get to the hospital to have a baby yesterday didn’t mind waiting 30 minutes for President Obama’s motorcade to pass first. Really — that’s what she told police.

That hasn’t stopped “King Obama” from being blamed for “causing death and pain with his hubris YET AGAIN.” It hasn’t insulated “His Majesty” from criticism for his “mighty motorcade.” Nor has it stopped “King Narcissist” from accusations that he feared being “upstaged by no stink in’ baby.” President Obama’s decision to ride in a car the same way all presidents ride in cars — in a motorcade with police escort — might even be cause for impeachment

But it should be noted that, according to Talking Points Memo, the baby hasn’t even been born yet. Also, the woman was fine. Also, there were nurses standing there with her. Also, Edith Piaf was born on the sidewalk, so what’s the big deal?

Obama Motorcade Strands Pregnant Woman