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Hospital Pharmacist Had a Convenient Side Hustle

Studio photos of Oxycodone.
Photo: Greg Lovett/Corbis

Anthony D’Alessandro, who was in charge of Beth Israel Medical Center’s pharmacy until he was fired this spring, was arrested on Tuesday for stealing 193,000 oxycodone pills from his workplace over the course of five years. (Prosecutors say he created a fake paper trail that made it look like the drugs had been sent to a facility affiliated with the hospital.) D’Alessandro’s alleged haul is said to be worth $5.6 million on the black market and, unsurprisingly, that is where investigators believe the highly addictive painkillers ended up. The 47-year-old Staten Islander is expected to be charged with “operating as a major trafficker,” as well as one count of grand larceny and 247 counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Pharmacist Arrested for Stealing Oxycodone