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South Korea Doesn’t Trust North Korea’s Peace Proposal for Some Reason

By now, South Korea is used to North Korea threatening to turn their country into a “sea of fire” and calling their president a “despicable prostitute,” but yesterday their neighbors to the north issued a surprisingly peaceful message. North Korea’s highest military body, the National Defense Commission, called for “all hostile military activities” with South Korea to come to a “complete halt.” However, on Tuesday, South Korea rejected their proposal, saying it “lacks sincerity and is preposterous.” They took issue with the North’s list of demands, which included suspending joint military exercises with the United States, and its refusal to suspend its nuclear program. Also, the North spent the past few days firing into sea, including three short-range projectiles on Thursday, and two short-range missiles on Sunday. North Korea was pretty upset by the South’s rejection of their peace offering, so they blew off some steam on Wednesday morning by firing two more short-range missiles off their eastern coast.

South Korea Doesn’t Trust North’s Peace Proposal