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This Stoner Dude Claims He Masterminded the White Flags on the Brooklyn Bridge. He Probably Didn’t, But Just Look at Him.

California marijuana activist Reverend Bud Green of the People Opposing Tyranny Party (that’s the POT Party … ) claims he’s the one who came up with the idea to replace the American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge with bleached versions, thoroughly humiliating the NYPD, although he’s most likely lying.

Hello my fellow herb worshippers [sic] and revolutionaries,” Green wrote in his confessional blog post. “I can finally reveal that it was members of the New Pot Party that put up the bleached White Flags in NY that the whole country is talking about.” Publicity stunt or not — probably a publicity stunt — let’s just roll with it.

Green, who appeared on TV in the ‘90s on Joan Rivers and Jerry Springer to profess his love for pot, claims not to know the names of the people who did the heavy lifting, but says he was the mastermind. The pigs, he says, ruined phase two:

The original plan was then to replace the bleached flags with 2 new flags but the fascist police prevented us from doing it with their constant surveillance.  The 2 new flags were gonna be the Pot Party flag which is a marijuana leaf with the revolutionary slogan Don’t Tread on Me to symbolize the beginning of a new American Revolution to be led by Pot Party Supporters.  The other flag was to represent what the good old USA has become now that we are fully under the control of the Republicratic party and the united corporations of America.  This flag was to be a logo of corporate media conglomerate GE and a Nazi Swastika with a background of bombs and guns.  This unfortunately is what Amerikkka has become and is exactly why we need civil disobedience and non violent Revolution to truly change this country.  Please smoke the Peace Pipe with the holy herb and rebel against the military industrial complex and the evil one percent.  That is the meaning of why we put up the bleached American Flags.  Remember to recite the new Pledge of No Allegiance.  Please repeat after me,  I Pledge no Allegiance to the United Corporations of America, and to the right wing dictatorship for which it stands, one nation, under the devil, with liberty and justice for only the rich pigs who can afford it.  Put that it in your pipe and smoke it Fox News.

We believe in nonviolent civil disobedience,” the good reverend told the Daily News. “The government has everybody scared shitless. Was Martin Luther King Jr. a terrorist? Was Abbie Hoffman a terrorist? The government is trying to silence people.”

Photo: Richard Drew

The NYPD says the investigation is still “open and active,” but Green insists, “You look at my history and you’ll see I’m telling the truth. I didn’t personally do it, but it was my idea. I believe in being showy and being political. You have to make a spectacle of yourself.” In that case, mission accomplished.

Stoner Bro: I Put White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge